When I see you(Superman), I see something…
No Man can ever be. I see the End.
“The End of our Potential.
The End of our Achievements.
The End of our Dreams.
You are my biggest nightmare”
-Lex Luthor.

This is the reason why he is one of the greatest superman villains. Because he talks the viewpoint of every person in the world and how we would hate a man who can do anything And be indestructible and immortal. I would highly recommend this book to people who want to understand how relatable the character is in the modern world of superheroes.

A graphic novel that needs to be understood in depth about the mythology of the Dark Knight and why he does what he does. Frank Miller understands Batman in the most personal and intelligent way to describe the fans the character of why Batman works in all situations and time frames of the modern world.

The need for a character like him in the superhero genre makes him a phenomenal base for all the other characters without any superpowers, magic, or other abilities that don’t exist in the real world. Thank you, Frank Miller & Klaus Janson for this masterwork.

Why Do We Need Superman? And why he is given the title Man Of Steel and Man Of Tomorrow?
The book answers all these questions in Just 64 pages, with beautiful painting art from Alex Ross.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand what Superman is who Truly is, he is not an alien he is not a god he’s just a man from Kansas doing the right thing.

Murtaza Kanorwala

Book Reviewer 📚 Content Manager ⌨️ Digital Marketing Associate 💻

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